Have a little rabbit friend or know someone who has a little rabbit friend and you want to give a gift to them this Christmas? And looking for a stocking stuffer? Here are some ideas what you can give your little rabbit friend this Christmas.

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+20 Stocking Stuffers for Your Little Rabbit Friend

Rabbits are smart animals and they need things to play with so they can keep busy. It’s a natural habbit to be busy and you should attend to that need to keep your rabbit happy. Nowadays you can get different toys for your little friend that they can chew on, throw around or challenge them to get the treat that they love.

And isn’t Christmas a great time to get your rabbit new toys or treats! Not all rabbits will like the same toys or treats. Just give it a try and some time and see what they like. Try to change toys after a while so they get to explore new things some times and don’t get bored.

Here are some suggestions of toys and treats you can get your little rabbit friend as a gift.

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1. Colorful Nibbler

2. Healthy Snackers – Bananas

Does your rabbit goes bananas when he or she sees bananas? Most rabbits do.

3. Turning Game

Challenge your rabbit to find the treats. It encourages foraging behavior and stimulates the brain.

4. Woodroll Treat

5. Carpet Chewing and Digging Station

Does your little rabbit friend like to dig in your carpet of likes to eat pieces out of your carpet? Than this can be a great gift for your little friend: It’s a substite for your real carpet!

6. Apple Orchard Sticks

7. Cupcake Toy

Safe for chewing and great for tossing around.

8. Naturals Summerfield Treat

9. Apple Woodsticks Chew Toy

10. Snack Ball

Fill the ball with your little friends favorite treats and let your rabbit roll the ball and treats will fall out. Great way to train them and challenge them.

11. Woven Carrot Toy

12. Willow Branch Ball

13. Apple and Banana Baked Treats

14. Healthy Snackers – Pumpkin

15. Parsley Bell

Is it jingle bells? No, it’s a parsley bell for your little rabbit friend!

16. Coconut Fiber Ball

17. Carrot Chew Sticks

18. Toy Balls Made from Natural Materials

19. Rice Pop Treats

20. Carousel Chew Toy

21. Timothy Biscuits Baked Treat

Why should Santa get all the cookies? Treat your friend to these timothy biscuits!

22. Willow Sticks