To create a rabbit decorated table you can add different kind of items to your table. Think about rabbit napkin rings, placemats, candleholders and plates. There are some rabbit Christmas themed items out there you can get for your table decor. But you can also use items that are not Christmas themed and add other Christmas items to create a Christmas look. Both have there pro’s. The pro’s for getting rabbit items that are not Christmas related is that you can use the items the whole year through and use them for other occasions. But the pro’s for getting rabbit items that are Christmas related is that you create a Christmas look with just one item and you don’t have to add something to it.

In this post are some ideas for creating a rabbit Christmas table decor with different color themes. Are you going for a brown woodland theme? Or are you dreaming of a white rabbit Christmas? At the end of the article there are some more suggestions for rabbit Christmas table items.


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Ideas for Rabbit Christmas Table Decor

Are you looking for some rabbit Christmas table decor items? Here is some inspiration to create a rabbit Christmas table.

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1. Brown Woodland Themed

Create a woodland Christmas themed table with some rabbit items. Use brown and pine cone ornamants to make a real Christmas table.

Woodland Rabbit Dinner Plate

Pillar Candle Holder

Brown Christmas Ornaments


Wooden Napkin Holder

Brown Dinner Napkins

Brown and Gold Pine Cone Ornaments

Rabbit Woodland Pepper and Salt Shaker

Appetizer Dessert Plate

2. Snow Bunny White

Create a simple and white rabbit Christmas look with these next items.

Porcelain Rabbit Napkin Holders

Personalised Wine Glass with Rabbit

Chips and Dips Plates

White Ornament Ball

Faux Fur Table Runner

Rabbit Plates

Rabbit Candle Holder

Rabbit Cracker Dish

White Rabbit and Snow Placemat

White Rabbits Pepper and Salt Shaker

3. Blue Theme

Working with a blue theme this Christmas? Here are some suggestions for a blue Christmas table decor.

Ceramic Bowl

Blue Poinsettia Flower

Snow Bunny Blue Tone Mug

Blue Christmas Snowflake Napkins

Porcelain Hare in Winter Plate

4. Subtile Gold Theme

Gold is a pretty and festive color to work with when creating a festive and cosy atmosphere. Here are some gold rabbit and Christmas items to add to your Christmas table.

Bunny Napkin Ring

Napkins with Golden Stars

Rabbit Plate Golden Enamel

Gold Christmas Decorations

Decorative Spoons and Forks

Rabbit Tray

Bunny Party Straws

Rabbit Dish

Sequin Table Runner

Porcelain Tea Mug

Other Rabbit Tableware and Decor

Looking for more rabbit tableware and decor items to use for your rabbit Christmas table? Here are some more suggestions.

– Napkins

Rabbit Christmas Napkin

Rabbits with Scarfs Napkins

Hello Snowman with Rabbit Napkins

Red Dinner Napkin

Rabbit in the Snow Napkins

– Placemats

Rabbit and Snowman Placemat

Bunny with Candy Cane and Snowflakes Placemat

Green Rabbit Christmas Placemat

Black and White Rabbit and Deer Placemat

– Tableware

Porcelain Display Stand

Christmas Salad Plate Rabbit with Tree

Rabbit Holiday Salad Plate

Rabbit Salad Plate

Rabbit Face Dish

Rabbit Dessert Plates

Rabbit in Mug

– Candles, Candlesticks, Candle Holders

Two Black Candlesticks

Rabbit Pillar Candleholder

Crystal Tea Light Holder

Black Rabbit with Stars Tea Light Holder

Rabbit Candlestick with Blue Bow

Four Rabbit Candles

Red Metallic Rabbit Candle

Rabbit Holiday Candle

Black Rabbit Candle

– Napkin Rings

Gold Rabbit Napkin Ring

Bunny Ears Napkin Rings

Rustic Napkin Rings

Aluminum Rabbit Napkin Weight

Drink Coasters

Rabbits with Christmas Tree Coasters

Holiday Rabbit Coaster

Rabbit with Scarf Coaster